A year of plenty twenty too [2022]

A year of plenty twenty too

A year of plenty twenty too [2022]

A new season gives you an opportunity to regroup or start on a clean slate. Whatever you have lost or not accomplished in the previous years should be at the top of your new- years resolutions so that it gives you a clear  indication of where you are headed. The last two years have knocked everyone down and caught us by surprise where we thought, we had everything in check and well planned and then “bamm” we got hit by a pandemic. However this season it is a time to get all the things that you have always wished and had in your drawing board in motion. What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us is nothing compared to what lies within us. Each and every person has goals that they would like to acquire. The only important thing to remember is that the top one of mountain is the bottom of their other keep climbing until you reach your goals .

Now that the jolly Festive season is over some of our matriculants might be getting nervous about results as they do not believe or  rather see the possibility of making it to a College or University but  I just want to remind every 2021 matriculant that it is possible and also very much allowed to rewrite your subjects until you achieve the results you have always hoped for. Educations has no age limit . The point I am trying to put across is that never put limitations to your life. The sky is a limit!!

Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall into place. A lot of people lost their jobs in the previous year but this has taught us to never depend on one income but rather multiple sources. Losing your job is very devastating and stressful however it should not obscure your vision to your goal.  This is a time to think out of the box and re-discover yourself and your capabilities ,sit down and visualise your life.  There are a lot of opportunities that you can use to make ends meet.  Every expert was once a beginner, we all start from scratch and this is normally by just having a vision and then you act on your dreams to achieve your goals. There are no short -cuts to success but to work hard and be persistent.

You might have taken the first to entrepreneurship and it is not as easy as you had thought it would be and you are  at the brim of giving up this season is the time to re-evaluate why you started in the first place. You are not a quitter everyone is made for success. Do your research on how you can make your business be a success. Find out your target market, their needs and expectations so that it gives you a clear indication of where your business should be headed.

The way the rate of unemployment is rising  at a very fast pace which is quite scary and depressing. One easily gets worried where and how they will get their next bread not to mention feeding other mouths in their households. We are living in extremely sad times BUT  one needs to think of how they can put food on their table. Open a car wash make little coins and open a small fast food eatery so that whilst your customers are waiting for their cars they have a light meal. This is a time where we need to literally think out of the box and not wait for handouts because they never last forever but success can last a lifetime and even be inherited by the next generation. This is not the time to choose on how you make an income but rather grab every opportunity you get with both hands  and run fast – making a success out of it. Volunteer at companies and they will get to see your determination and dedication. Who knows you might be considered for the next available position.

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