• Reference Number : refs/008533
  • Directorate : ADMINISTRATION
  • Number of Posts : 15
  • Package : R102 534 Per Annum Plus benefits
  • Enquiries : Mrs. BT Ramasehla Contact Details: 011-472-7665

Requirements :

  • Grade 10 or Standard 8. Abet Training, Ability to read and Write. Experience in hospital environment. Good physical health, good interpersonal relations. Good communication skills. Exposure to a CHC environment. Comply to all Health and Safety rules and always putting on provided uniform and safety clothing at all times. Always wearing your identity name tag when executing your official duties.

Duties :

  • Load and off-load patients from ambulances and private vehicle on to the stretchers and wheelchairs. Accompany ambulant patients to Out Patients at the directive of Nursing personnel or supervisor. Fetching patients from the ward to other clinical areas and to taxis outside the hospital. Clean stretchers and wheelchairs and prepare for re-use. Recording of patients’ movement from one point to another as directive from your supervisors and nursing personnel. Assisting Clinicians and Nursing in transportation of patients as requested so. Ensuring cleanliness of all stretchers and wheelchairs and timeous reporting of faulty equipment to your Principals. Always ensure that clean linen is separated from soiled linen to prevent cross infection. Fold soiled linen and place into laundry bags. Place clean linen on to stretchers. Perform any other Portering tasks as delegated by the supervisor.

Notes :

  • Applications must fully completed on a new Z83 form accompanied by a comprehensive CV highlighting or stating the requirements mentioned above; and certified copies of ID, qualifications and other documents attached. Applicants must indicate the post reference number on their applications. Failure to submit the required documents will result in the application not being considered. Applications received after closing date will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted to this email: JhbHealth.DistrictJobApplications@gauteng.gov.za, If you have not being consulted in three months or more after the closing date, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. People with disabilities are welcome to apply

Employer : Department of Health


Closing Date : 09-04-2021

Criteria Questions
Do you have grade 10 or Standard 8?
Do you have Abet training?

Please Notes :

  • Due to the large number of applications we envisage receiving, applications will not be acknowledged. If you do not receive any response within 3 months, please accept that your application was not successful.



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