#PutSouthAfricaFirst continues to trend on Social media


Many people are continuing to have issues with how the South African government is handling its affairs and the direction the country is going. we had a discussion with one person who is a full supporter of the #PutSouthAfricaFirst movement, the person said “12 years of schooling with an addition of 4 years of university and we have no idea about farming, fixing a car,  making clothing,  building a house, and fixing a phone”. This is a huge problem that mostly the youth of South Africa are facing on a daily day…No skill no youth empowerment for such self-employment skills Is this the education we really need?


A few months there was a march in Pretoria for the government to take heed to the movement, now some member of the moment are asking When the March is coming to Gauteng, in the foreigner’s populated town of Hillbrow to be exact, followed by Kempton Park, SunnySide PTA, Springs, they are fighting to close the thousands taverns and pubs that are housing drug dealers.


Many African countries have started to put their citizens first, putting them first means to prioritize its citizens. The problem comes when south Africa wants to put its citizens first and African countries think it’s exclusive to its citizens and xenophobic but in factual reality, it’s the law!!


There currently a strike in the city of Durban for the removal of illegal immigrants in the city. “I was moved from a table I owned to sell fruits and vegetables by a foreigner,” said a lady in anger during the strike in the city of Durban. People protesting in the city are closing shops that belong to illegal foreigners in Durban saying illegal foreigners are allegedly selling drugs and housing prostitutes in the area.


many problems are that such people don’t contribute much to tax and hospitals are overpopulated, schools are full, housing is limited in South Africa.


People have the right to protest but the protest must be a peaceful one and non-xenophobic.