Senior Legal Advisor: Prosecutions

Employer: Boikago Group (Pty) Ltd

Job Title: Senior Legal Advisor: Prosecutions


Purpose of the Role
To conduct prosecutions on behalf of the NCC

Key Responsibilities:
Prosecution of contravention of the Act in the Tribunal

  • Receive and assess case readiness for presentation to the Tribunal
  • Prepare draft Tribunal orders, consent orders, compliance notices.
  • Ensure that tribunal orders are communicated to investigators and to Provinces
  • Report to the Tribunal on level compliance with orders issued.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Tribunal on effective processes and protocols to ensure proper administration of  the Act
  • Develop effective internal processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in prosecution matters

Assess and prepare cases for the Tribunal

  • Make speedy decision on matters to be presented to the Tribunal
  • Provide proper directives and advise to investigators on any additional information/ evidence required before the matter is presented before the Tribunal.
  • Develop service level standards and internal processes for case preparation

Represent the NCC at the tribunal and other court hearings

  • Present all matters ready for hearing in the tribunal in accordance with established protocol,
  • Liaise with the registrar of the tribunal to ensure effective communication and efficient implementation of the CPA
  • Facilitate the settlement of any disputes between the NCC and the provincial consumer authorities and between the NCC and the Tribunal.

Develop and maintain database of Tribunal decisions

  • Develop and maintain a database of all matters presented before the tribunal and its decisions
  • Publish all orders and findings of the tribunal
  • Manage referral of all cases to the tribunal

Monitor and implement the Tribunal  decisions

  • Report all non-compliance with any tribunal order to law enforcement agencies.
  • Follow-up and monitor progress made on prosecution of contempt matters in the criminal justice system
  • Establish protocol on co-operation on contempt matter
    Keep reports on matters referred to the criminal justice system and compile proper reports
  • Develop and maintain proper referral protocol of cases to the criminal justice system.
  • Draft affidavits to establish prosecutable matter in the criminal justice system
  • Testify in court on behalf of the NCC/Tribunal

Stakeholder Management

  • Liaise with Stakeholders to strengthen relationships
  • Liaise with the criminal justice system agencies on co-operation

Minimum experience & qualifications required

  • Minimum: LLB Degree or Equivalent  Qualification and EB Driver’s License
  • Minimum: 6-10 years Managerial experience in  Legal Environment
  • Minimum: Computer Literacy ( MS Office Package) and Project Management and knowledge of Regulatory Framework

Behavioral skills required
Strategic  Planning and Management
Research Skills
Policy analysis and analytical thinking skills
Communication Skills
Negotiation Skills
Financial Management
Corporate Governance: Ethics, Risk, Fraud Prevention and Control
Planning and Organizational Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Public Relations and Protocol

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